Chandler Chefs

Chandler is a great suburb of Phoenix and has some great chefs, here are a few:

Brian Peterson
The brains and creativity behind Chandler’s Cork restaurant is Brian Peterson. Peterson grew up knowing that the restaurant business was his calling from a young age. With the help and knowledge passed down to him from his grandmother, he quickly became the go to person to make dinner in his household. Peterson’s style is authentic American that is comforting yet elegant. Cork opened in 2008 and by 2001, Peterson’s food had reached such acclaim that Cork earned a four diamond award from AAA. This past spring, with partners Robert and Danielle Morris, the casual BLD restaurant opened under the masterful watch of Chef Peterson right next door to Cork.

Richard Cho
Sushi extraordinaire, Richard Cho, artfully crafts sushi rolls at Sushi Eye, which has people driving out from the heart of Phoenix just to experience his innovative creations. Cho was raised in San Jose and worked in various sushi kitchens for nearly a decade before branching out on his own. The owners of Sushi Eye are Paul and Sue Cho, Richard’s parents, who wanted to help create a restaurant that allowed for their son to fulfill his dream of innovative sushi cuisine. Keeping with the family theme, Cho’s wife Hyun Soo also helps out as a server. The menu at Sushi Eye features unique menu and traditional rolls, which are outstanding, but it is the more exotic rolls that have people travel far distances to experience Cho’s food.

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